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   I have been fishing for over 40 years in the NW. I started by learning how to fish for Steelhead in 1980. It actually took
me 2 seasons to find a productive method that would consistently catch the fish. Since then the fishing was learning more about reading water, what colors to use in different water conditions, how the water levels affected where the fish will be. You get the idea. Years and years of practice trying new methods and techniques. In 2009 while I was fishing on the Sandy River in Oregon. I was casting spinners from a competitor company and they just did not do what I expected them to do. So I decided that I could make a better product and started my business McOmie's Custom Lures. My first lures were naturally, spinners for Steelhead. I then kept growing the business and expanding the product lines into Salmon spoons & spinners. This was great for the Columbia River & the Coastal Rivers & Bays. Today, McOmie's Custom Lures is in stores throughout the West Coast & Alaska.